E-Learning Workshop for STMIK Royal Lecturers


E-Learning Workshop for STMIK Royal Lecturers

STMIK Royal – Electronic Learning (E-Learning) is distance learning that utilizes computer technology and the Internet network. E-Learning functions as an online media in the implementation of the teaching and learning process.

STMIK Royal through the Center for Data and Information Technology (PUSDATIN) conducted an E-Learning workshop for STMIK Royal Lecturers. This activity was attended by all lecturers and was carried out at the STMIK Royal Computer Lab on Tuesday, 14 February 2023.


The resource persons at the workshop were representatives from PUSDATIN STMIK Royal. On this occasion, Secretary of Pusdatin STMIK Royal, Mr. Nasrun Marpaung, M.Kom explained how to use and benefit from E-Learning.

“The benefit of implementing this workshop is that STMIK Royal lecturers can utilize the use of E-Learning as a learning medium that can be accessed by students online anywhere,” said Secretary of Pusdatin STMIK Royal.

With the implementation of this workshop, STMIK Royal lecturers can carry out the teaching and learning process more effectively as conveyed by Ms. Yessica Siagian, M.Kom, a representative for STMIK Royal Lecturers.

“With the LEARNING E-Learning, STMIK Royal lecturers can conduct learning using online media anywhere and anytime so that it makes it easier for us and students in terms of the teaching and learning process,” said Mrs. Yessica Siagian, M.Kom.

The STMIK Royal E-Learning feature can be used by Lecturers and Students to deliver lecture materials, Lecture Assignments, Online Discussions, Attendance, and Examinations.

Hopefully with the implementation of the workshop activities the teaching and learning process at STMIK Royal can run more effectively and interactively.

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